$ ? (used)-700
Screwdrivers, Drill and 1/8" bit, Various End
Wrenches, Multipurpose Grease
I haven't gotten around to gathering the pics of the Keihins yet, but it is a straight
forward swap and I can at least offer my opinions.
First step is removing the old carbs, refer to the Jet Kit page.
Next step is to remove your throttle assembly from the bar, and drill an 1/8" dimple for the
new throttle assembly peg to sit in, and clamp down the new throttle assembly.
Then run the cables down to the carb area.
Slap on the Keihins and affix your filters-   you won't be able to run the airbox easily, so pod
filters are your best bet.
Next step is to ride it.  I'm running 39's, so no tuning was necessary aside form adjusting the
idle speed.  On my 750 they work great, and the improvement was very noticeable-  like
adding a jet kit to my already jetted Mikunis.  I have no internal work done on my engine,
and they still work great.  I HIGHLY reccomend them!

Stay tuned for pics, but in the meantime get a pair from Chris Kelley!
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