"The Duke and I"
Sold-  Well, it's a long story, but as most of
you know all good things must come to an
end, and as much as I loved the Monster I
needed the room and cash for other projects.
I know that down the road I'll be getting a
M900, maybe when I'm tired of Hot Rods.  In
the meantime I'll just enjoy the MH900e.....
My '98 Ducati Monster 750 is the reason I fell in love
with motorcycles.  I'm not saying I had always wanted
a Ducati Monster, because I hadn't.  I
am saying that
this bike embodies everything that I could ever hope
for in a motorcycle (although buying a 998 creates an
interesting question).  Still, it's superbly fast,
beautifully styled, extremely nimble, and the sweet
melody of the
desmodue engine is awe-inspriring.  It's
not simply a motorcycle anymore.  It has grown to be
an extension of my body and soul.  When I ride it, we
are as one.  I can't describe the feeling I get when
I'm chewing up the road ahead, the wind is rushing
by, the pipes are singing their sweet song right
behind me, and the intake singing its sweet song in
front of me.
I absolutely, positively love this motorcycle.
Before the Duc, I'd been subjected to a sweet little '81 Honda CB650.  
Sure, it was an awesome little bike in good (looking) condition, but it
just couldn't get it up, if you know what I mean.  I resigned myself to
the fact that the necessary engine rebuild would cost at least $700,
even if I did the disassembly/assembly myself.  So, I started asking
the guys at BVH if they had anything I could afford (and in better
condition) that I could trade my bike in on. I saw a 2000 Suzuki
Bandit 600S that struck my fancy.  It had only 4,000 miles, and after
the test ride I was ready to buy it.  I went back the same day to
haggle with them, and that's when they told me about the Monster.  
It's amazing how one insignificant little event at the right moment
can change your life forever....
A gentleman had been in about 15 minutes prior, and was going to trade his
'98 Monster 750 for a Monster 900 Chromo.  He was to go home and get the
bike, so the salesman told me to come back that day and test ride it.

I thought to myself,
"A Ducati, huh?  I don't know.  I guess they're OK."
Up to that point, the motorcycle to me was simply a machine.  Riding was fun for sure, but I didn't really feel it.  Then
the owner arrived, and I made my way out to the lot.  He put the key in, turned it on, and at that moment I could
feel it;  I had an 'epiphany' if you will.  I knew then that I was meant for this bike, and that was before I
even got on it.
My logical side, of course, had no say in the matter.  It goes
without saying that I immediately signed the papers.  The rush of
emotions that accompany this bike are inescapable, and when
riding, everything is so effortless, so predicatble, so amazing- so
perfect.  Riding this bike is truly a soul-stirring experience.
The bike was cherry, not a scratch on it except the left muffler
and bottom of the engine case.  It's the only thing that I've ever
put on payments (besides the other Ducs), which shows what I
thought of it.  The killer part is that my insurance was actually  
cheaper than my lifeless CB650!
I've encountered problems so far, of course, but only minor annoyances (see the other sections of this site).  Small
problems here and there have caused me some heartache, but that only lasts a day or so.  No matter how it's spited me,
I just can't hold a grudge.  In fact, as each day passes I grow more and more fond of this beast.  I cannot wait to get
back on the road and light it up, so to speak.  It's an absolute rush, period.  Every stoplight and curve in the road
remind me why I love this bike so much.  There is no doubt that this bike is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever

I know I said before I was happy with it as is,  but modifying it is addictive as you other Monster owners know-  to date I
have added an Ohlins rear shock, superbike forks, dual disc upgrade, chopped rear frame, bar end mirrors, Keihin FCR
carbs with pod filters, removed the emissions and side pods, added alloy fender and seat cowl and I think that's it; for
now anyway  ;)
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