Don't take my word for it when it comes to all of this info.  The best thing that
you can do is research and get opinions and information from everybody.  I only
list sites here that actually have quality, meaningful, content or that have great
Ducati parts- I don't want this to be a yellow pages/advertising section packed
with thousands of links.  These sites are all ones that have helped me immensely
in learning about my Duc or are just plain cool.  Of special note are the
discussion boards and clubs- I learn the most from other Ducati enthusiasts.  
Thanks all.
If you're in the market for a Ducati, even if you're in New York,  I highly reccomend
talking to Dave at Ducati Seattle.   Dave is a real class act, the dealership is awesome, and
they can get pretty much any Ducati part you are in need of (just e-mail Jon in the parts
dept.).  Ducati Seattle is what all Ducati dealerships should aspire to.  I made the 1500 mile
trip to see Dave for my MH and it was well worth it.
The official site, loaded with info about the world of Ducati, history of Ducati, Ducati tech, etc.  The
best part about the site is that you can download
owner's manuals and parts catalogs.
Excellent service, excellent selection, excellent business.  Chris Kelley is
a real class act, and I highly recommend ordering from him.  California
Cycleworks carries Factory Pro jet kits, Dyna coils, Electrex regulators,
Keihin carbs, chains/sprockets, MBP products, maintenance items and
other stuff you can't really find elsewhere.
Martin at Moto Wheels is a great guy.   He's very helpful and knows his
Ducati parts well.   I highly recommend Moto Wheels as a source for
Ducati parts.
Guy Martin's superior performance shop- as the name implies they
make high performance cylinder heads, valve retention systems, etc.
for Ducatis.
Manufacturers/ distributors of fine Ducati parts.  EXCELLENT customer service (no, seriously, the
best), great prices, and quality products manaufactured in house.   I highly recommend them.
Many trick parts, including Brembo
bits (rebuild kits, seals, etc.)
Maker of many high-tech bits:
triple clamps, rearsets, and
the list goes on.  Moto-art!
Manufacturers of lightweight
flywheels, breather valves,
baskets and much more
A Ducati/race message board to ask questions,
look for parts, etc.  Very friendly atmosphere.
  You can usually find me there ;)
A new friendly, on-line community specifically related to Ducati
motorcycles.  A bulletin board growing everyday with new members.
A great source of technical info, if used correctly (use the
search function to avoid a flame war, don't spam, and try
to ignore all the meaningless banter and picture posting :)
Italian-based Ducati Monster Club.  Take a look around.
The Ducati Monster List:
Anything and everything Ducati Monster-  message boards, galleries, classifieds,
etc.   Huge gathering of Monster owners.
Ducati Monster Owners Belgium:
Ducati Monster club in, you guessed it, Belgium.   Great stuff nonetheless for us
single language US based Duc enthusiasts ;)
UK Monster Owner's Club:
UK based monster club-   tons of info, links, forums, pictures,
etc.  Great site for Ducati lovers.
Desmo Ducati.org
Desmo Ducati is a group for nor'east Ducati enthusiasts and
others to discuss Ducs and organize events and rides.  
When it comes to Ducs, these guys know their stuff.  Tons of articles regarding
Ducati Superbike performane and a bunch of other stuff.  A great read.
Chris Kelley's personal site, loaded with technical information, ride reports, and project bikes-
a standout being the valve adjustment info.  Must see.
Ron Gilbert's Ducati pages.  Must see tech tips for Monsters and Supersports,
and a schedule for When Pigs Fly MC rides.  Thanks for the help, Ron!
Ducatimeccanica.com is the largest and most complete bevel Ducati enthusiasts'
resource in the world- always a free space on the internet for enthusiasts to share
their Ducati treasures and knowledge.  Tons and tons of quality info.
Very comprehensive collection of info/parts/resources for older bevel-drive
Ducatis, including many products for sale.  If you own a Bevel, you need this site.
This site has a great collection of Ducati technical articles and links, among
other things.  There is a lot of useful info here.  Definitely a must see.
Advanced Motorsports
Jeff Nash's well respected Texas Ducati dealer,  look them up if you're in the big state.

Australian outlet of well-known Ducati parts dealer Spareshack.

Steve Allen Art
A lot of great art, with more upcoming Ducati pictures.  Good stuff.

Motorcycle Search Engine

Valve Adjustment Article
Pictorial article that somebody scanned on how to adjust your valves.  (Page 4 doesn't work as linked-   you will need
to change the extension on the file to ".jpg" instead of ".JPG" in order for it to load.

Richard's Ducati ST2 Pages
An excellent site with tons of technical info, specifically regarding Ducati ST2's.

John's Ducati 996 Page
For all you superbike owners out there- this page has a mono conversion, customizing tips, pics, and suspension setup
article.  Very useful- check it out!

Ducati Paso.org
Comprehensive information resource for Ducati Paso owners.  A must-see.

Ducati Club Singapore
Yahoo! Group for those Ducati enthusiasts in the Malaysia/Singapore region.  All enthusiasts welcome to talk shop
and share info.

The Original Site
My first site.  Has my original "New Cycle Owner's Guide", put together when I got my first bike.  Also, if you have a
Kawasaki EX500 or Honda CB650, check it out.

San Francisco Bay Monster Holligans Association
Articles/forums/photos for Monster riders based in the SF Bay.

The Monsta Page
The airbrush, Ducati and offroad portal presented with art and eroticism.   With pics, information, and link collection.

Ducati Streetfighters
Pics of Ducatis turned into streetfighters, some really cool bodywork here.

Ducati TT Page
Page dedicated to Ducati TT/F1's.   Lots of stuff, but it needs to be translated   ;)

A collection of really cool photography, with a lot of Ducatis.

Ship Vehicles
Need to ship your motorcycle?  Ship Vehicles can help-  fill out one form and get multiple competitive quotes for
motorcycle shipping throughout the US.
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