I hope you like all the cool wallpapers I've done.  The few drawings I have left to do
are a Bevel twin, a 999, an 888 and a couple more riff-raff.  Stay tuned.  All pics are
as large as I could make them considering space is at a premium (no duplicates).
Please use these wallpapers and give them to your friends, etc., but also please do not rip them
off and not give me credit.  I spent a lot of time making each of these!  Thank you.
To set as wallpaper, click on picture and let it load, then
right click and choose "set as background".
I worked this 996 guy animation  
up to celebrate when I hit 30,000
visitors a while back.
The original "Monster Man"
animation.  Wait for all three frames to
load after you click on it.
Both of these are pretty large files, so be patient after you click on them and wait for
all the frames to load up before they start playing.
996 Guy
748 Guy
SS900 Guy
SS750 Guy
SS/CR 900 Guy
SS/CR 900 Guy
MH900e guy
Kind of looks like Mike, doesn't he?
Kawasaki EX500 Guy
A KawaSUCKY?  I know, but it's my bro's.
Monster 600/750/900 Guy
Monster 600/750/900 Guy
Phil's Drag Racin' Paso
Paso 906 Guy
SS  900 FE Guy
Monster in the Shadows
2 Monsters Touring on an ST
Monster on Desmo 350
"Silver Shotgun"
A Monster Bearing Down on its Prey
A photorealistic pic of me
on my 998 Mono!
A custom Bostrom pic that I also had
him sign when he was down at the
local dealership.
Monster on 851 Superbike
Wile and a slightly modded 999!
What's more fitting than a Monster
on a Monster?
This is an artsy PhotoShopped version
of my tank pic.  Nothing special, just a
cool wallpaper.
NEW- Monster on Multistrada
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