$ 250+
Small Phillips Screwdriver, Razor
This is a simple mod and can be relatively cheap.  Check out for the
best prices I have seen on Power Commanders.  They have the 998 model in stock,
although it is not listed on the site.  Once I got it out of the box and read the
instructions, it was apparent I wouldn't need to do a step by step article.  The
instructions are good.  I did take some shots that make them a little clearer, though.  
Let's get started.  
So here's what you get:  The Power
Commander, the software, detailed
instructions, zip ties, velcro, and even a rubbing
alcohol swab for cleaning the mounting surfaces.
Here's where I mounted mine.  The arrow is pointing to a screw I ran
through one of the holes in the PC body, and it threads in where the
helmet holder keeper used to be.  The velcro supplied is very secure, but
this is just an added measure of security.  Be sure to line up the hole and
screw BEFORE applying the velcro to each side.
The instructions say to run the ground cable down the side toward the
battery negative, but that's it.  Be sure you actually CONNECT the
negative cable before testing it or else it won't work obviously.
To get the injector connectors off the bike, you have to pry this small
retaining clip to the side.  DON'T yank on them or you could break
And here's the new Power Commander injector wiring hooked up to
the bike.  It replaces the old wiring, and the old wiring is drawn out
the bottom of the box and spliced into the Power Commander harness.

Don't make the same mistake I did.  Read the directions carefully-
you're supposed to run the injector wiring to the injectors, then
DISCONNECT this white plug, run it through the hole in the airbox,
then reconnect it.  I ran the PC injector wiring up through the hole
(which you will find to be an impossible fit), and ended up breaking a
piece off of one.  Way to go Monster Man!
It says to connect the stock wire with the "v" to the PC wiring with the
orange/white wire.  There's no way to tell which one has the orange/white
wire without pulling these boots back.  The instructions don't state this
and it may be obvious to some, but I was looking for a bit!
And here's the part that had me the most nervous.  You have to find the
throttle position sensor, which is way at the inside on the manifold, then
disconnect it, pull it out, cut open the sheath, then slightly slice into the
purple wire and install a wire tap.  It's best to SLIGHTLY shave the wire
to bare copper on one portion and then do the other side, then install the
tap so that the narrow end fits into the tap best (don't try to jam the still
round portion without exposed wire into the tap, turn it slightly so it
slides in).  You're just making sure the wire tap actaully touches the
wire you're tapping into.
After it's all on, connect the ground to the negative terminal where the other two ground straps are already attached.  
 Then reinstall the tank (you'll probably need new o-rings for the quick disconnects since I ALWAYS seemt o rip
them and they leak when the pump is turned on), reconnect the pump and vent lines and test it out.  When you turn
the key on the Power Commander should do a little startup sequence and the green light will flash and move up and
down then go out.  If it does that it should be good to go.  If not, you'll need to contact Power Commander's tech
support because I am definitely not good on electronic troubleshooting!  But, you should have no problems.

The next step is to install the software on your computer.  Once you do that there are all kind sof tech tips and
tutorials and videos, etc.  It's really some great stuff.  Good luck and have fun with the infinite adjustability of the
Power Commander!
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