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You may be asking yourself, "Why the hell is he wasting time on a page about changing
an air filter?  How stupid."  Well,  believe it or not there are Duc owners out there who
are too intimidated to even change the filter.  I believe that all Ducati owners should
know basic maintenance procedures, if for no other reason than to save on dealership
costs.  So if you are one such intimidated owner, what better way to boost your
confidence and save your money than by showing in excruciating detail how easy it is to
change the air filter?  Let's get started.
Start by lifting the tank to gain
access to the air box.  Easy enough.
Next, locate the lid clips and pry them
all open with something (like your
key).  Lift off the lid (the filter may
be stuck up inside of it).
Pull out the old filter, noting the
direction of the filter pleats.  Also
note how wasted my old filter was.
Insert the new filter into the lid in the
same direction: flat side facing down,
pleats running front to back.
With the filter inside, place the lid
back onto the box.  Now, take the
clips and flip them back up as shown,
and press down until they snap into
place.  You're done.
Now you're ready for valve adjustment, right?
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